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Do you ever feel unmotivated? Like lacking the will to do anything? 

I know I do. Even when it came to working out. And I that was the ONE THING I loved to do the most. 

It was usually the ONE THING that gives me energy to carry out my tasks throughout the day. But I felt lost and confused. I wondered, “Why am I so unmotivated, even when it comes to exercising?”

Why I felt so lost? Why did I lose my enjoyment in the one thing that kept me on track all these years?

I kept reflecting. Trying to figure out the missing pieces. 

My friend consulted me about this to help my troubling mind. The talk got me to rethink my situation. Then I realized… 5 things that were DESTROYING my motivation and kept me at a low point in life.

Weak Desire

If you lack a “WHY”, you won’t have a good reason to take action. You won’t have a strong desire to work towards your goal. 

But without a why, your goal won’t actually be a goal. So you actually don’t want the thing you once stated. Whether you said “I want to be successful” or “I want six pack abs”, those won’t mean anything without a strong why. 

For myself, I often said “I want to deadlift 5 plates by the end of the year” after high school. But for a good period of time I was too busy with my studies at university. Then the next moment I was working my ass off at a full time job. Fast forward to today, we’re in a pandemic and we can’t train properly. 

In this case, my desire to deadlift 5 plates (495lb) was not strong enough. I didn’t find time to work towards it.

BUT…. If you have strong desire, you will find a way around the obstacles that life throws at you. Like when I wanted to be able to do muscle ups.

I did a 100 day challenge to practice muscle ups every day, whether in the gym or park regardless of my busy schedule. By the end of the challenge, I could perform muscle ups fairly easily. 

So, don’t let a weak desire destroy your motivation. Find a stronger desire!

Comparing Yourself to Others

I noticed how successful some of peers were. Some that I knew back in Elementary School. I’m happy for them and all, but… when you compare yourself to others, you start to question yourself. 

This will give you a view of yourself. It got myself to think “they’re progressing so far ahead, and I’m still here. The same old loser that haven’t achieved anything.” 

This type of thinking will be on your self-esteem as it would serve as a detour to lead you away from your stepping into the right direction. Leading you to a low point, where you won’t believe in yourself.

That lack of belief will make you fear taking action. You will have a fear of failure, thinking “I won’t ever be as successful as him or her”. 

Now, if you’re aware of this… you can use this as motivation to work harder to try and catch up to them!

I’m still working on this mental process myself, but I know if you keep feeding your mind healthy thoughts, then you can use this as a strength!


My indecisiveness, over the years has really taken a toll on me. TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS!

It’s the little things like “Should I take have the salad or the soup”. Or you can even say it’s shiny object syndrome. You know when you plan to do one thing, but another thing pops up and you jump to that. 

There’s no focus with this!

All this builds up and causes a delay in taking action in the ONE THING you believe you should do. Then you lose motivation to take action for that.

You already have the answer inside you. Listen to that gut feeling. 

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves that little push and do it. Even when we’re mentally uncomfortable doing the task as that is when we should do it most.

Don’t let the indecisiveness distract you. Don’t let it destroy your motivation!

Negative Environment

I’m sure you heard the phrase, “You Are The Average Of The Five People You Surround Yourself With”, or “Show Me Your Friends And I’ll Show You Your Future”.

These are phrases are true. To an extent, in my opinion. 

The people you surround yourself most will have the biggest impact on you. I’ve noticed that I’ve picked similar ways of thinking from my parents and friends because they’re I’ve been around them most growing up. I’m sure you adopted habits from your friends and family as well.

So when it comes to working towards your dreams and goals… Especially when your friends and family don’t support you. Or they will even constantly BADMOUTH your dreams and goals. 

When you constantly lack support and hear negative things about your actions, you’re bound to think that what you’re doing is wrong. You’ll even lose motivation to work towards your dreams and goals. 

This is why I believe it’s important to surround yourself with the right people. Change your environment!

When I wanted to be a fitness trainer once upon a time… I went to many fitness events to surround myself with other trainers to learn from others. They challenged me to take action to better myself as a trainer. By spending more time with other trainers, I was able to speed up my progress in the fitness industry.

I’m not saying you need to cut off ties with your friends and family if they don’t support you. You just need to spend less time with them and spend MORE TIME with the people who will actually support your dreams!

No Clear Plan

I’m sure you know about “Clarity”. Not the song by Zedd, but the word as in more the quality of coherent and intelligible. 

What I’m trying to get at is… you need a clear plan. Which goes in hand with having a strong desire. 

Without a strong desire to work towards something, you won’t have a clear plan to take action, which will cause to jump around and be indecisive with things.

From my own experience, when I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life…. I tried many different things. TOO MANY THINGS. But I never actually stuck with them.

I went to sales for cutlery. And MLM (Multilevel Marketing). You know…. The pyramid scheme companies where you had to keep on recruiting people. 

Both I didn’t commit to fully and resorted back to stable accounting where I let others live my life because I didn’t have clarity on what I wanted.

Fast forward to today I left my accounting job and became a trainer. But even that didn’t last due to the ideal difference between my boss and I. So… I left that gym and here we are.

I myself, don’t have clear path for myself on the career, I want to do. But I do enjoy providing tips about personal development and fitness to you. So that is a start!

This is what I mean by needing a Clear Plan. Really take the time to sit down think about what you want for yourself. Seek guidance from others you look up to. I don’t want you to jump around to all these different things like me.

I hope by pointing out these 5 triggers will bring awareness to you. Whenever you catch yourself doing things like these, take the time to analyze your situation and take the right action to change your reality. 

Continue to push yourself to work towards your own goals without worrying about what others are doing. 

I know you can do it!

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