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Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada as a late Millennial or early Gen Z, I was taught to take
the traditional route to “success”. Go to school, get a degree and work a job you don’t even
like for 40 years until you can retire at age 65.
And that’s exactly what I did! Somewhat…

I graduated university and became an accountant to make my parents proud. Something
I thought was the right path to achieve success.

Inspired by the digital age with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and now TikTok, I learned that I didn’t have to spend my life working as an accountant. Impacted by incredible minds such as Dan Lok, Ryan Higa aka NigaHiga, Wong Fu Productions, and Bart Kwan from Jkfilms and Barbell Brigade, I decided to pull the plug for my accounting life to start a career in fitness.

Fully fueled with passion and ambition to change lives with fitness.

I implemented my years of hard work from my own workouts and nutrition plans over to training others to help them achieve their fitness just like how I achieved mine through my years of powerlifting and weightlifting.

Not only was I able to impact others with a positive change but I was constantly learning from them as well. Through training my many clients, I’ve developed incredible skills such as leadership, public speaking, organization, and coaching.

The most important skill of them all was… social skills! I was a timid guy growing up, so something like this was the key to improve my confidence.

It was a great career to be in! Getting paid to do what I love! So, I thought…

Little did I know I had a date with destiny.

When the Covid-19 pandemic came, the fitness industry took a huge toll. Therefore, I transitioned to online fitness training. But my passion for fitness coaching was fading away. It wasn’t the same anymore with the world moving online.

Behind the scenes, I started focusing more on content creation and storytelling on YouTube, Instagram and Website Blogs. Then that’s when it all hit me. I remembered it was the online space that I was always fascinated about. The impact brought by Digital Marketing and Copywriting aspects.

I recognized the rapid growing tech for online platforms that I was always a fond of. The social channels I used, the cryptocurrencies I invested in… I’ve seen the growth.

That’s when I hung it all up to make another transition to the tech space with digital marketing and copywriting to tell better stories for brands. I enrolled in BrainStation’s Digital Marketing

Bootcamp and Dan Lok’s High Income Copywriter course to accelerate my learning.

It was all a blessing in disguise to help me transition to becoming what I’m passionate about today. Digital Marketing and Copywriting.


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