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Get Stronger with The BIG 3

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You may be thinking what are the “BIG 3”? Or perhaps you already know!

The “BIG 3” when it comes to exercising, are… Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. They’re known as the 3 best compound movements… In my opinions anyways haha 

These exercises will focus building overall strength and improve the muscular physique. Especially when you perform at optimal reps and resistances. The “BIG 3”.. will maximize your strength training as it heavily focuses on heavier loads and varies with repetitions. Therefore, it trains your central nervous system to become more comfortable with higher weight. At first, your body will may not be used to these movements because they are dynamic and compound movements, but it you will progress over time.

As your body builds better strength, your bones will be less prone to injuries as these exercises will strengthen the muscles to protect the bones. Also, as perform these explosive movements more frequently, your agility and speed will increase drastically!


Many guys may hate leg days or squats, but I like to consider squats as the key component to strength training. Even for exercising in general. 

We all need the squat movement in almost every movement in our everyday lives. Whether when we’re standing up and sitting back into a chair, you will be making that squatting motion.

There’s more speed when squatting downwards (eccentric movement) and more resistance when standing up (concentric movement). Therefore, as you perform this movement, your overall body will be stabilized by the core and muscles, and you will be able to perform this movement in your everyday life nice and smoothly.

Bench Press

Most people just bench on chest day or push days, but this movement engages more than just the chest muscles. It needs stabilization from our shoulders and core.

It also engages our triceps as these muscles are needed for any pushing motion with our arms. This movement engages all stabilizer muscles in our chest, arms, shoulders, and core, which really get our minds to focus. 

The hips and legs are involved as well to stabilize the body when pushing the bar from the chest as we use our legs as leverage. With all these muscles engaged, there’s better mind muscle connection, improving our overall performance.


Many are not comfortable with deadlifts because it is heavily focused on the lower back. But I’d say deadlifts are one of the best exercises that EVER EXISTED!! It engages almost every muscle in your body. 

But… if you have lower back issues, I’d recommend you stay away from deadlifts for the time being.

This movements involves heavy loads. When performing deadlifts, you’re holding the bar shoulder width apart and starting from a squat position. The forearms, hamstrings, quads, glutes, lower back, and calves are heavily tensed up. All the stabilizer muscles in our core, shoulders, arms and legs are forced to engage and keep our body balance. 

This powerlifting movement will train your body to lift heavier objects properly in our daily lives.


Nevertheless, the” BIG 3” movements are the best ways to train your entire body… if you want to build strength.

They create optimal strength and performance for our bodies as they engage most muscles and cause them to stabilize. You will realize how strong you are as you progress through these exercise. 

You will believe in your own strength and abilities. And if you don’t… you will in due time. 

That confidence built will help you work towards anything in your life!

As a former powerlifter, I’ve seen great results from training with these exercises. That is why, I highly recommend them!