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The Beauty of Meal Prepping

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Yes that’s right you read the title. There’s BEAUTY in Meal Prepping!

Exercising regularly is great and all, but… it’s just as important to eat cleaner as well.

Exercise only helps 20 percent of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; the other 80 percent is all from the food you consume. Your Nutrition!

Our bodies need to consume more food for energy to carry out our daily tasks. While most of us only exercise about 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day or even every few days. 

This being said, you should really watch what you’re eating if you’re committed to improving your health.

That means no more late night meals at that local McDonald’s or Pho restaurant with your friends. If you know what I mean haha.

Refrain from eating that extra slice of cake in the fridge from your last birthday party.That doesn’t mean, you can’t have any of those nice meals and sweet sugary filled goodness. 

It just means you should be more aware of what you feed your stomach. Control yourself from eating too much and eating at the wrong times.

Once you start buying weekly groceries to coo, you’d actually be surprised how much you will change physically AND financially!

Take Control of Your Life

When you see that nearby McDonalds or those sweets in the fridge, the sugary goodness may tempt us. Especially since it’s so convenient. 

You can get a quick meal or snack, and hop back on the couch to continue the drama or movie on Netflix. 

But… if you prepare meals beforehand, you carefully watch the calorie intake and macro balance. 

This way we only allow ourselves to consume certain foods. Then you will gradually decrease the unwanted sugar, salts and fats. The temptation for junk food and sweets will slowly die down. 

You will gain that willpower and take control of your life!

Saving Those Bucks

Now that you’re already grocery shopping and cooking to prepare weekly meals, you will be less inclined to buy lunch and dinner. 

You prep the meals ahead of time for the upcoming week. Way more ORGANIZED than before.

You can just pull the meal out of fridge and heat it up to eat. EASY! 

You won’t be tempted to buy food anymore!

There should be no excuse to make those purchases as you already have your meals ready in your fridge for takeout. 

Learn a New Skill 

Now that you’ve started preparing your meals, you’re constantly enhancing your cooking skills!

You cook on a regular basis. Becoming a MASTER with this culinary thing 🙂

I’m sure you’ve started to see the joy of cooking! And if not… you will gain that joy in due time.

I mean I did.  

Especially when you can cook all the foods you love… there’s nothing better than cooking your own meals!

For myself, I really enjoy making different dishes each week and testing new styles of dishes. I’m sure you will find the system and dishes you love to make as well!

You will become a MASTER home chef! 

Meal prepping is never perfect. It’s a learning process and you tend to get better each time. Especially since you will be trying to top your work from the last time. 

But with your newly enhanced skill and passion for cooking… you may be inclined to share it with others to make an impact. Let them enjoy your cooking and amazing original recipes 🙂

You can do it!